Information on new technologies

Green status

(tested) - included in the Register of New Technologies, recommended for inclusion in design and estimate documentation.

Yellow status

(at the testing stage) - there is a laboratory report from an accredited laboratory, a pilot plot has been allocated, in the process of scientific and technical support and monitoring of the pilot plot.

Blue status

(reconsideration) - there is a final report on the pilot site (conclusion of scientific and technical support and monitoring), but the minimum voting threshold of the Technical Council for inclusion in the Register of new technologies has not been reached. At the same time, applicants who have not passed the Technical Council voting may re-run the voting with the provision of supplementary information of the proposed product.

Gray status

(not tested) – there is a conclusion from an accredited laboratory, at the stage of allocation of a pilot site.

Procedure and timing for inclusion of developments in the register

1Initial examination (up to 20 working days) by employees of the management of new technologies of JSC KazdorNII (Registry Operator).
2The registry operator makes a decision on the admission (non-admission) of applications for consideration by the Technical Council.

Classification of materials and technologies in road construction by status

Quarry information


Status (active) - the quarry is operational, road-building materials have been selected, test reports are current (no more than 1 year from the date of testing).

At the testing stage

Status (at the testing stage) - the quarry is operational, initial or repeated selection of road-building materials has been made, the test report is missing or outdated (more than 1 year from the date of testing).


Status (inactive) – the quarry is not working.